qCrop in action

Give qCrop a go!
In three simple steps you will upload an image, apply the qCrop markup and produce arbitrary croppings with the qCrop web service.

Upload image

Try qCrop with your own images!


Provide your image with qCrop clues, following the instructions below. Do so until all previews in the live simulation show the optimal cutout. Finish by pressing "Fertig".

Crop and Save

Use the download page to save your qCrop-enriched source image or execute customized croppings on the qCrop web service.

Look at qCrop's unique markup procedure as a game in which you aim to move around the yellow diamond and the green frame until all indivual previews in the mosaic show a satisfactorily result.


Vector pointer

Click and move around the yellow diamond. This indicator is not necessarily the focal point of the image (it might be, but much more often it is not) - but rather a proportional, directional quantifier. This parameter makes sure that qCrop can preserve the areal composition of the original image as long as possible and provides the best compromise otherwise.


Scope of protection

In this mode you use the green frame to mark the area that shall not be cropped if possible. For best results, this area should be kept as small as possible.


Focal area

In this mode you use the green frame to mark a section of the image that is used for zooming in. This mode is especially useful, if obtrusive parts of the image cannot be suppressed otherwise. For best results, this area should be kept as large as possible.


Static cropping

The red frame can be used as an optional static cropping frame for eliminating unwanted borders of the original image. It is applied before the green frame and yellow diamond.