KIME REPUB is a converter for producing electronic magazines in the Google Newsstand RePub format from InDesign documents. RePub is Google's proprietary variant of the EPUB standard: the combination of a facsimile of the printed magazine ("Replica View") and a flow-representation of the text ("Text View") allows a more magazine-like reading experience for the electronic publication. The use of the RePub format is mandatory for the Google Play Newsstand. In the past - lacking sufficient authoring tools for the RePub format - there was often nothing else for publishers but to enlist specialised service providers. KIME REPUB, for the first time, enables publishers to produce RePub documents based on their InDesign documents for print - while retaining full control of the production process.


    The creation of RePub documents is carried out in three steps:
  1. The print PDF of the magazine is used to extract page previews - this task can be executed on the push of a button with tools like Adobe Acrobat.
  2. The InDesign documents of the print production are used to prepare those articles that are supposed to show up in Text Preview of the Google Newsstand Reader App. This process allows selection (not every article or element of an article is suitable for flow represenatation) and an arbitrary sequential arrangement of text and image elements. This preparation is done in the article panel of Adobe InDesign and will be stored within the InDesign documents - structuring can thus be accomplished during print production or at a later time in a dedicated execution step.
  3. KIME REPUB will finally combine page previews and the articles exported from InDesign into the RePub format. Page previews are scaled to size, articles are cleaned up and converted to XHTML (automatically converting InDesign stylesheets to RePub reader styles) and finally all the assignments between page previews and text views are created as required by the RePub standard. All this takes only a couple of minutes and results in a RePub file ready for upload in Google Producer.


Due to economic feasibility RePub documents are often created in an oversimplified procedure in which the InDesign documents are exported to the EPUB format as-is, although the order of elements in such an export is prone to error. This results in bad formatting, wrong or bad sequence of article elements, messed up special characters or illegible content (especially from tables). KIME REPUB gives full control of the production process and thus significantly enhances the quality of the publication. Repeating tasks, like the mapping of stylesheets are automized.



KIME REPUB is licensed once per title, independently of the number of produced issues. Licence fees are 2000,- Euro each for the first 5 titles and there are no additional fees for further titles. The licence fee includes support for the first year and all future updates of KIME REPUB.



  1. KIME REPUB comes with comprehensive documentation, including useful hints for InDesign best practices, as the quality of the electronic publication is highly dependent from the discipline exercised in the print production process.
  2. We support your team by phone and mail in case of questions and problems. This support is free for the first year.
  3. We are constantly developing on KIME REPUB - changes in the RePub standard, better article templates, bug fixes ... there is always room for improvement. All updates are free for you.
  4. You are not using Adobe InDesign but some other CMS? Get into contact with us - we might be able to adapt our code for your needs!



KIME REPUB has no special requirements regarding graphics or memory and is available for the following platforms:
- Mac OS X 10.9 or better
- Windows 7 or better
- Linux
The preparation of articles requires Adobe InDesign CS6 or CC and for the creation of the page previews we recommend Adobe Acrobat (both products probably already existing in your house).