The Magical Image Cropping

Intelligent, automatic image cropping into any desired aspect ratio?

KIMEcrop can do!

Our “Magical Image Cropping” trims images automatically into any (even extreme) aspect ratios, preserving image composition and statement.


The publication process requires to present images in different aspect ratios.

An automatism cannot accomplish this task satisfactorily: the main motive will be clipped, image composition will not be respected – clear and brief, the image will be destroyed.

Also, to our belief, Artificial Intelligence will not be able to properly judge the visual, contextual and artistic aspects of an image in the foreseeable future.
The only reliable mode of operation today is the manual cropping of each and every desired target aspect ratio. This is time-consuming, static and inflexible.


KIMEcrop allows you to manually ticket an image once in a way, that it can subsequently be cropped automatically to any aspect ratio by our intelligent system. Image content and artistic composition are preserved as far as possible. The original images are not modified by the process – the KIMEcrop ticketing information is stored in the metadata of the image.

We are offering all constituents for a full-blown solution: the KIMEcrop ticketing client, the KIMEcrop server as software or cloud based service and the integration into your workflow, production or asset management system.


- Enormous possible cost reduction.
- Creative flexibility, as there are no dependencies of predefined sizes any more.
- Easy to learn and easy to use KIMEcrop Markup Client with Exif metadata preview.
- WYSIWYG realtime preview during image markup.
- KIMEcrop Server for fully automated cropping as local service, self-hosted cloud service or software as a service.
- KIMEcrop Server as live service ("cropping on demand").
- No unnecessary storage of multiple cropped image variants.
- Easy integration with existing workflow and production systems.
- Original image data remains untouched.
- Mark exceptions (for those motives that simply won't qualify for cropping).
- Supported image formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, Photoshop


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